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Tea party pic 170px

Afternoon Tea Party Menu

£5.50 per head

Entertain in style with a classic selection of sandwiches and cakes. Tea parties like they used to be. More >>

Events menu 170px

Classic ‘Easy Entertain’ Business Menu

£7.00 per head

Tasty business menus with a bit of everything to appeal to the widest tastes. More >>

hot food bufets 170px

Hot Food Buffets

£4.95 per head

Piping hot and satisfying, our Hot food favourites are always welcome. More >>

sandwiched 170px

Sandwich Selections

from £2.50 per head

Great for business meetings, we supply a wide range of  sandwiches that are all made to order. More >>

breakfast menu 170px

Working Breakfast Menu

£5.00 per head

Kick start the days with a tasty working breakfast. More >>


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